Care Notes for Gardens

Indoor Garden Care

Picking the perfect spot:

If your garden is indoors we recommend putting it near a window on the east or south side of the house. Western windows can experience intense afternoon sun and could damage your garden. If there isn’t an ideal place that gets a good amount of morning sun (indirect or direct) we recommend taking it outside tobathe in the sun a few days a week, or say once on the weekend.


If planted indoors only water once a month or so. Use a few ice cubes or spray the soil with a spray bottle, say10 sprays or so. When it’s raining we recommend putting your garden outside for a few hours. If your pot has a holes is can go directly in the rain, if no hole then place it by the front or back door so the plant can absorbs some of the natural elements. Make sure to bring them back inside for overnight especially if it’s cold or if they may experience any direct sunlight, direct sun or frost will shock them.

Outdoor Garden Care

If placed outside it would be happiest on the east or north side of the yard, 3-4 hours of direct morning sun is best, more than that it’s leaves may burn. If on west or south side it would be ideal if it can be in the shadow of something during intense afternoon sun hours. During winter months allow it to get rained on, the oxygen in the rain it really good for plants, inside plants love this too just please do not leave them in any direct sunlight or overnight if it’s cold, it will shock them. It is not necessary to water succulents during the months they experience rain. During a dry spell or the summer outdoor plants should be sprayed –at the base- once a week -a cup of water for larger pots. During the summer getting the pot out of the direct sun is really ideal for the health of the plant.


After some time you may notice some brown leaves on the underside of the plant. This is a good sign that the plant is growing! Gently remove them. If you notice any residue or bugs start off by gently brushing them away, do not use water. Check the soil to make sure it’s not too wet. If it is or if the plant appears soft it has too much water. If your garden has been over watered to save the plant it may need to be taken out of the pot and given new soil. Use a cactus mix. If you feel like your plant is sick or has some unwelcome friends we have found local nurseries to be very helpful. Just load your garden up for a visit.

General Rules

To get to know your succulent: a general rule of thumb is the more sunlight the plant receives the leaves appear to have reddish (or purple) starting at the tips, the less sunlight it receives the leaves are more green. We grow the plants on the east and north side of the property above and below the canopy of trees depending on the weather. During the summer they go down and in the winter they come up.

Always water at the soil level, getting water in the rosettes of the plant can attract unwelcome friends. Only the rain can top water.


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