Little Whiskey

Little Whiskey

The Little Whiskey is a small brown cup formed on the potter’s wheel and fired in a gas kiln.

These collections show off the beauty and variety of high-fire reduction ceramics, all pieces use same clay body and glaze.

More recent unload: collection of five Little Whiskey cups glazed by Petersen, fired by kiln master Junzo Mori

collection of five little whiskeys











Little Whiskey for Xiem 2014 Spring Show 2014

Little Whiskey Collection for Xiem Show looking in







Little Whiskey Collection for Hunter’s Alley Launch Party curated by Karen Kimmel’s Crafting Community

Little WhiskeyLittle WhiskeyLittle Whiskey_stamp Little Whiskey_bottom













Little Whiskey for Heather Levine‘s Pop-up shop at the Hammer Museum:

Little Whiskey Little Whiskey








Collection of Little Whiskey, Holiday 2013
Little Whiskey Pot Little Whiskey Pot

Little Whiskey Pot Summer 2013 Collection








General Store Little Whiskey Cup Collection, July 2013





Other products available plateware and tall vases

counter plate:

malibu plate

made for Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar










fire table bowl, baby bowl, mini dish:

delivery of Malibu Pier serviceware

custom stamped for Malibu Pier Restaurant and Bar