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Raised off a dirt road in the mountains of Southern California, Sara has made a profession from her first passion, digging in the mud.

Sara holds a industrial design degree from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design on portfolio scholarship. While at Art Center, she was selected to join Danish design team to execute the first “INDEX: Design to Improve Life” event. This inter-disciplinary, international design event is still going strong. In 2007 was selected to showcase her concept furniture, “elebo” at Salone Satellite in Milan, Italy. Before founding Petersen Pottery, Sara worked as an Art Director on a variety of film, television and commercial projects.

Maker Statement:

“I grew up with the luxury of making my way with the natural environment of mountains, shrubs, rocks and bugs. I dug in the dirt and saw up close before I could quantify the beauty of a line embedded in a rock. I watched out my window the needles and leaves of the trees waving from the gentle California breeze. These childhood memories inspire my life attitude and sensibility towards living, working and making.”

“Sara’s work has an otherworldly aesthetic, inspired by the natural world so readily apparent in the California landscape.”

— iamthelab.com

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  1. Mariya
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    You are doing wonderfully! I realized how much I miss pottery this fall. I’m hoping to somehow fit studio time into my life again come 2012. You chose some wonderful colors and techniques!

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