QOLA Magazine

QOLA Magazine

we are honored to be printed in the April 1 issue, 2014 of Japanese Magazine:

QOLA “Quality of Life in Los Angeles”

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google translated text:

Vegetables that can take blazing sun straight, bright blue sky, flowers and wild cactus, in the garden, we have the creative activity in response to stimulation naturally all that is here. Sandy sea and endless in California, the moment talk with “reminds us always important it is to feel that you are breathing to live in” to be creative is, Sara Petersen ceramic designer. Design of free ideas ceramic dish popular in asymmetry and unique use of color gentle brown, blue, white natural feel earth, sky, clouds. The beautifully green it if use it as a vase, and a plate of magic accentuate the beauty of the food if used as a cooking dish. Sara, California girl born and bred raised in California Kazewokanjite of nature. That when it is involved in furniture production project in design school enrollment age, and touching clay set foot into the world of ceramic in the opportunity. Turn the wheel without seven years from it, to rest less than a day, has been making the vessel. Also until you open the studio in 2012, it was thoroughly demonstrated their talents as well as art director of the movie and CM. Confrontation with nature. It’s Sara that receives plenty of blessings of nature, to create a work that was inspired from there, but at the same time, every day and that they feel difficult it is to face with nature. For fire clay or susceptible such as air and climate, from the effects of nature, may fail sometimes. The painful when that could not be completed as intended. Difficult place to know the “nature, what is or will manipulate your own its properties but, I was made to fill in the names and dates in the works it is not successful. Soshitara, became to be able to accept neatly failure. It is she to spend on production most of the day, but the fun of the No. 1 time with the son is 4 years old. It is said that try to make time no matter how busy.